ANN JONES her work done in the 11 Year of her Age 1776

Ann Jones

Very finely stitched English sampler featuring an unusual vignette of Adam and Eve at the top, flanked by timber framed cottages, above a pious verse and spot motifs of potted flowers, birds, stags, lions, and human figures. The lions and soldier flank a cartouche surrounding a crown with the initials GR above it (George III, 1760-1820). In the lower register there are some adorable stylized sheep, squirrels and thistles, all within a four sided floral border.

The verse:

PRAISE the Lord enthron'd on high
Praise him in his Sanctity
Praise him for his mighty Deed
Praise him for (mity Seads)?

Stitches used are cross, petit point, and counted satin. Very good color and condition, with a few small holes. Frame possibly original. 12"x14-1/2" sampler alone, 14-1/2" x 17" with frame.