Jean Budno

A classic Scottish sampler featuring the well known "mystery Mansion", this ambitious sampler also displays many other characteristic Scottish motifs including groups of family initials,and stacked evergreen trees with stags beneath them. At the top she has stitched "David and the Ark of the Convenant", below which is a stylized depiction of an ark (a chest) being carried by four men, flanked by gold candelabras. The verse reads as follows:

O tast and see that God is good:
Who trusts in him is blessd
Fear God his saints none that him fear
Shall be with want oppressd.

There is a four sided meandering strawberry border surrounding many beautiful spot motifs including male and female figures, small renditions of Solomon's Temple, squirrels, pots of flowers, birds, deer, flowering plants, trees, bowls of fruit and crowns. The sampler itself measures 19-1/2" x 16-1/2" (sight), larger with the newer maple frame,

While the sampler retains excellent original color, with very little fading, there us some loss to the background linen particularly in the upper and lower border areas. These areas have been backed with matching linen.