Mary Ann Canby

This is a spectacular English sampler elegantly executed in fine silk, containing a variety of finely worked motifs and text both in counted and free form techniques. The counted motifs are worked only through the wool tammy ground, the free stitching is worked through the cotton backing cloth as well.

Motifs include birds in branches, a border of grape clusters across the top, freehand satin stitched cartouches with verses, an astonishingly naturalistic butterfly, trees, potted flowers, a crown and a stylized lion within a surround that is reminiscent of Quaker medallions. Stitches used include cross, freehand stem and satin, counted satin, back stitch, double cross, and petit point. The verses are as follows:

Remember now thy Creator in the days
of thy youth, while the evil days come not
nor the years draw night. When they shalt be
I have no pleasure in them

The modest snow-drop, emblem of fair truth
Conveys this lesson to the thoughtless youth
That unassuming worth will ever find
A warm reception in a generous mind

MARY ANN CANBY S WORK In the eleventh year of her age 1821

The sampler has been professionally cleaned and remounted over acid free Foamcor covered in tan cotton fabric. Both color and condition are very good, with some loss to the black silk thread in the verses. When found the sampler had been wrapped around a board and then put into a smaller frame, hiding part of the outer cross stitched border. The original frame will be included, although the sampler will need to be framed in a larger frame.