Mary Ann Chamberlin

Beautiful English sampler featuring the Lord's Prayer over Adam and Eve in the garden, surrounded by oversized flowers and trees, as well as numerous birds and animals including a peacock, squirrel, stag, cow, and several dogs. Flying cherubs in the sky carry cartouches with crowns. The four sides floral border is delicately stitched in pastels. The grass beneath the figures is done in flame stitch (bargello). Stitches used in the sampler include cross, counted satin and bargello. A small verse below and on either side of the Lord's Prayer reads:

Adam and Eve whilst innocent
In Paradise were placed
But soon the serpent by his wiles
The happy pair disgraced>

Very good color and condition.The sampler itself measures 17" x 13". The sampler is now available for sale, after having been conservation mounted.

Price: $1600.00