Christy Clark 1809

Christy Clark

Very finely stitched English sampler with the theme of the four seasons. A four sided strawberry border surrounds tendrils with flowers, leaves and birds springing from a large vase. Beneath the vase is a solidly satin stitched area, with trees, dogs, grasses and potted plants. The color remains vivid, and while there are areas of damage to the linen along the lower border, the sampler has been professionally cleaned and archivally mounted. The verses are as follows:

As New Years Day it passes by
It shows how swift our time doth fly
And as the Spring it appears
Reminds us of our younger Years

Now in the Blooming Summer time
It is like man just in his prime
But man is like a tender flower
That blooms and Fades in an Hour

In the Autumn see how the leaves
Fall of (sic) and leave the naked trees
Reflect and tremble at your state
Better than to repent too late

When the year's at the end you know
Winter comes with frost and snow
The dreadful state we've seen before
When men are said to work no more

It is signed and dated in the center:

Christy Clark
Her Work Finished
June 22 1809
Aged 9 Years

Stitches used are satin, stem, cross, back, straight and eyelet. It measures 12-1/2" x 15" (sampler), and 16-1/2" x 19" to the outer edges of the frame. The frame is possibly original.