Ann Goodson 1807

English pictorial sampler worked in fine silk on tammy cloth featuring Adam and Eve and the Tree of Life at the center, with bucolic country scenes below including a four storey mansion house, a gentleman farmer with his dog, fields with cows and sheep and a pond. Surrounding the central Adam and Eve are many beautiful spot motifs including a sun and a moon, intricate butterflies, birds, squirrels, pots of flowers, owls, and stags. Stitches used include cross, satin, petit point, and stem. The border consists of unusual and beautifully varied flowers including tulips, honeysuckles, phlox, lily of the valley, daisies, and more.

Overall the sampler is in very good condition with one small hole lower right border. The tammy is slightly puckered and could use remounting but apart from that it is in remarkable condition in what could be the original gilt frame. 15" x 19".