Antique Samplers and Needlework
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Listed below is our current selection of genuine antique needleworks for sale, some of which have been reproduced as kits/patterns, some of which have not. All items are guaranteed to be authentic antiques. If you are interested in a particular piece and require more information, Marsha Parker can be contacted at for more information. All items listed are subject to prior sale.

Please click on the name or photo to see more detailed information, photos and prices of each item. Some of the photos appear a bit whitish because of glare on the glass

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Susana How Whitchurch
This lovely little sampler comes from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and has been cleaned and conserved by their staff.
Price: $175.00

Bed Sheet Initialed E
Antique hand woven linen bed sheet, minor repairs, initialed "E"
Price: $155.00

Two Samplers made by Catherine Elizabeth Buchanan
Catherine Buchanan's first sampler, stitched in 1796 when she was ten years old, begins with sectionalized letters of the alphabet. The latter sampler stitched in 1798 features two verses with freehand stitched floral bands above a delightful scene.
Price: $1350
Sale price: $895.00

YAO BAG (Dowry bag)
Reversibly embroidered, from northern Thailand, circa 1930-40
Price: $75.00

French Fashion Plates
Two French fashion plates, overlaid with real fabric and trims,
Price: $60 each

Ann Golding
This sampler is in nearly perfect condition, meticulously executed in cross stitch and petit point.
Price: $1495.00
Sale price: $695.00

Mary Green
Mary Green made this sampler at Mrs Lear's school in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, demonstrating a high level of skill using cross, satin, stem, petit point, queen, straight and back stitches for a variety of unusual motifs including two enormous birds flanking a Solomon's Temple, and a sailing ship.
Price: $925.00

Elizabeth Hicks
This beautiful jewel toned English sampler was stitched on a very fine linen in vibrant shades of silk, using cross and co.unted thread satin stitches separating four verses
Price: $725

Sophia Irish
Worked at M. Newick's school, Hinton St. George, when she was eight years old, this sampler features two large flying cherubs above the Lord's Prayer, which is flanked by pillars covered with twining ivy, two large potted trees.
Price: $595
Sale Price: $395

Elizabeth Masterton
This busy sampler is likely Scottish. It features a grand mansion house similar to those depicted on many Scottish samplers, with a gated lawn and sheep in front, flanked by peacocks.
Price: $695.00

Susanna Parker
English band sampler consisting of rows of alphabets, vowels, numerals, pattern bands, verses and crowns, executed in cross, petit point, stem, satin and eyelet stitches.
Price: $725.00

Fanny Peachey
It features a four sided floral border, with Adam and Eve as the focal point alongside a tree of life with a realistic raised work serpent climbing the tree.
Price: $225.00

M. Rees
This elaborate sampler featuring a fearsome tiger, a plantation house covered in trellises and tropical vines, a peacock, a pea hen, rooster and butterflies, was probably stitched in Africa or India by a British girl.
Price: $795.00

Harriot Ringrose
This pictorial sampler illustrates the flight of Joseph and Mary into Egypt, accompanied by Christmas themed verses.
Price: $595.00

Hand Woven Cotton Sack
Antique hand woven cotton sack, KURTH MALTING COMPANY
Price: $45.00

Mary Stoppard
In the 19th century, one of the most important parts of the school curriculum for young girls was the mastering of sewing and darning skills, as they were expected to be able to make and repair clothing.
Price: $695.00