About Antique Samplers and Needlework

Without the inspiration generated by the needlework of our foremothers, THE SCARLET LETTER would not exist. Textiles are a more intimate and socially revealing antique than objects made of wood, glass, or clay.

Their production necessitates many hours of rumination and close touch, they bear witness to not only the social struggles of the needleworker's historic environment but also the personal hurdles encountered daily, situations that have become alien to modern women: making soap, grinding grain for flour for the daily bread, weaving for days to create the cloth with which to make a simple chemise, or sampler. Health issues, marriage issues, isolation, cleanliness, things as mundane as knitting stockings and keeping the stock water from freezing, all this, and still there was time to be creative with the needle, and to have fabricated works of lasting beauty and significance.

These designs are the raw inspiration of this needlework studio. We buy them to listen to their stories, learn from their technique, and be uplifted by their artistry. The other side of the story is that they are then offered for sale to you, modern day needlewomen, who will cherish them as we have.