October 1809

Agnes Brown-Kinghorn

A Scottish sampler commencing with an arcaded stylized pansy border across the top above Adam and Eve (nicely labeled as such), flanked by paired birds, peacocks, flowers in vases, a crowned thistle, Solomon's Temple, and floral motifs reminiscent of early 18th century samplers. The silks are still quite bright and the linen ground has only three very tiny holes on the lower right border. The frame is quite magnificent. Stitches used are cross, counted satin, petit point and double running. The verse in the lower left cartouche reads:

Never let your heart be sorrey though you have but pelph in store keep in view the crown of glory it shall last for ever more

We assume she means "health" for "pelph". The verse in the lower right cartouche reads:

Cum Man Of Death- Do My Right
My Glass Is Run I Cannot Stay
O Hope To Sup With Christ this Night
If all my sins were done

With the frame the sampler measures 21" x 21". The sampler itself measures 13" x 13".