Ester Lane

It is very unusual to find such an early family record sampler made in England. This sampler chronicles the marriage of her parents followed by the births of her four sisters and five brothers. It is stitched with silk on fine linen in a wonderful variety of stitches including stem, satin, Gobelin and cross. The color and condition is very good with just a few minor holes that do not interfere with the design. The sampler measures 9" x 13". The text of the sampler is as follows:

Ester Lane was born the 28 day of October 1726
Thomas and Margaret Lane was Married the 14 day of June in the year 1712
Elizabeth Lane Was Born the 24 Day of August the year 1719
William Lane was Born the 24 day of October in the year 1713
John Lane Was Born the 2 day of March in the year 1715
Ann Lane was Born The 28 day of September in the year 1717
Thomas Lane was Born the 6 day of October in the year 1719
Margaret Lane Was Born the 1 day of April in the year 1726
William Lane was Born the 25 day of April in the year 1729
Jonathan Lane was Born the 23 day of April in the year 1732
Mary Lane was Born the 21 day of September in the year 1734

We can assume that since there are two William Lanes, the first born in 1713 died. At the back of the sampler this note in very old handwriting was affixed:

This sampler was given to me by Ann Turnbull, daughter of John Webster Turnbull great grandson of William Turnbull (clockmaker) of Whitby. The "Margaret Lane" mentioned on this sampler is understood to have married a Turnbull, who it is suggested was William Turnbull (clockmaker) of Darlington, known to have married a "Margaret" who died in Darlington in 1761.