Mary Levermore 1817

English pictorial sampler featuring Adam and Eve at the center surrounded by birds, squirrels, lions and cherubs, with tweo short verses:

Love the Lord and seek him for your friend------------
For when all others leave you his love will never end


Sound forth the praise of God give glory to his name
From him comes all good to endless time

At the bottom there are two vignettes featuring farmers and their wives surrounded by a goat and chickens. The sampler is signed MARY LEVERMORE HER WORK AGED = 1 = YEARS MARCH THE 3 1817

It is surrounded on all four sides by an undulating carnation border. Stitches used in the sampler are cross, eyelet and counted satin. It is in excellent condition, no holes, only some fading in the area of the verses. Silk on linen, 17" x 14".