Margret Nisbet circa 1770

Margret Nisbet

This beautiful Scottish sampler features illuminated letters, an arcaded floral band, traditional motifs including peacocks with seven tail feathers, windmills. birds at the Fountain of Life within a leafy half cartouche, illuminated letters and family initials. It is nearly identical to another Scottish sampler we offer for sale- Katie Sym's dated 1769- down to the near matching original frames. While the color remains brilliant and vivid, there are some holes in the tammy ground which have been backed with muslin. The sampler has been cleaned and professionally conserved. Stitches used are queen, double running, cross, and eyelet. It measures 11" x 13", larger with the frame. This is the fifth such sampler we have come across over the years, the first being Jean Scrimgeowr which is available as a reproduction.