probably English, early 18th century (circa 1720)

Oval Tent Stitched Picture

Executed in fine wool and silk, this beautifully balanced needlework picture depicts two characters in a rural setting, the woman carrying a jug of water on her head, the man apparently leaping or dancing, with a flock of very contented sheep to their right. One sheep appears to be a Jacob sheep- a rare old breed, with black spots and horns. It's unusual to be able to identify the specific breed, so this is quite a rare and wonderful piece. In the distance there is a windmill, a small village built into a hillside and a large mansion house. The scene is surrounded by a beautiful floral needlework "frame", including roses, iris, tulips, and carnations. The piece has been professionally conserved and mounted to museum standards. The oval design measures 16" x 22". It has been mounted in an acid free suede mat, under conservation glass. With the frame the piece measures 26"x32". It is in excellent condition, apart from some color loss to the village, windmill and mansion.

No longer available