Katie Sym 1769

Katie Sym

This is an exquisitely stitched classic Scottish sampler featuring illuminated letters, an arcaded floral band, traditional motifs including peacocks, birds drinking at the Fountain of Life, feather trees and family initials. A four sided berry border surrounds six rows of alphabets done in a variety of stitches, followed by the floral band. The lower third features traditional motifs, with her name and the date within a leafy cartouche above the fountain. The color remains vivid, but the sampler has suffered some wear and tear to the wool tammy ground over the years.

It has been professionally cleaned, conserved and archivally mounted within the original frame. One especially endearing thing about this sampler is a small practice piece found hidden behind the original mounting board when it was disassembled for conservation. The sampler was mounted by hand stitching over four ply rag board slipjacketed in cotton fabric, sized to fit its original frame. Tan cotton fabric was used to minimize the appearance of the damaged areas.

Stitches used are cross, eyelet, double running, petit point, and a large amount of beautifully executed queen stitches. 12" x 14".

This sampler will be available as a charted reproduction later this year.


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