Eliza Tagg 1775

Eliza Tagg

Norfolk (England) samplers are a unique species, characterized by either a stepped lozenge cartouche as in this example, an elaborate floral border (usually embroidered freehand but not in Eliza Tagg's sampler), and a horizontal row of joined octagons filled with various floral or animal motifs. A nearly identical Norfolk sampler was made by Eliza Dearn in 1768 and is illustrated in Joanne Martin Lukacher's book Imitation and Improvement: The Norfolk Sampler Tradition. Eliza Dearn stitched the same verse and embroidered the border around the stepped lozenge in cross stitch as well.

The sampler, in its original frame, is in good condition retaining its lovely pastel colors. There are some small holes around the perimeter, three small areas that have been rewoven and an area that has darkened in the lower right quadrant. Stitches used in the sampler are cross stitch, petit point, and counted satin. The sampler itself measures 10-3/4" x 13", or 14" x 16" to the outer edges of the frame

The popular verse is:

Next unto God dear Parents I Address
My self to you in Humble Thankfulness
For all Your Care and Charge on me Bestow'd
The means of Learning unto me Allow'd
Goe on I Pray and Let me still Pursue
Those golden Arts the Vulgar never knew

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