Eliza Tremlett 1818

Eliza Tremlett

This English sampler is in excellent condition, virtually unfaded in rich shades of blue, red, green, gold, cream and black silks on a finely woven tammy ground. A gold satin stitched sawtooth border surrounds all four sides, and inside that is a four sided meandering floral border, with a third inner sawtooth border surrounding three central reserves. The top section consists of strawberries and flowers in baskets with lilies of the valley in a vase between them. The verse is surrounded by a four sided meandering floral border worked in petit point. The verse reads:

Let Providence, that ever waking Eye,
Look down with pity on the feeble toil,
Of Mortals lost to hope, and light them safe,
Through all this dreary labyrinth of Fate.

The lower third depicts an elaborate "folly" surrounded by petit point sheep grazing in pasture worked in Gobelin stitch. The sampler measures 12" x 15-1/4", including the frame it is 14" x 17". There are a few small holes in the ground, the most significant being to the lower right of the folly building. This sampler bears a resemblance to one of our reproductions titled "Grazing Sheep".