Gallery of Antique Samplers
Sold by the Scarlet Letter

Listed below are antique samplers which have been previously sold by the Scarlet Letter. Although these antiques are no longer available for purchase, some of them have been reproduced. Please click on the name or photo of the antique to see more information about it including a link to the reproduction kit if one is available.

Antiques are in alphabetic order by the title or last name of the stitcher. To search the titles for a word or phrase, type it in the box below and click the search button. For example, type ann to find all antiques with the name ann in the title. Type a to find all stitcher's last names or titles starting with the letter A.

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Harriot Hammond

Harriot Hammond, dated 1811, is an English Adam and Eve sampler. This wonderfully busy sampler is filled with many traditional and some quite unusual motifs

Sarah Hayward

This is a beautiful late eighteenth century English sampler featuring horizontal rows of alphabets and numerals above a verse.

Barbara Hendarson

Another wonderful Scottish "mansion house" sampler, this piece begins with a beautiful stem and satin stitched freehand vine and ribbon upper border above a verse.

Elizabeth Hicks

This beautiful jewel toned English sampler was stitched on a very fine linen in vibrant shades of silk, using cross and co.unted thread satin stitches separating four verses

Eleanor Holmes

This antique sampler could be Welsh. It has been stitched on linen using silk and fine wool threads with a beautiful cut and drawn work outer border.

Mary Hood 1768

Brilliant original color, this antique sampler was professionally conserved at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A four sided floral border surrounds a two story red brick mansion .

Ann How

English sampler worked with silk threads on finely woven tammy (wool) cloth with alphabets and pious verses over a lower register featuring a small flock of sheep, facing stags, and a brick cottage.

Sophia Irish

Worked at M. Newick's school, Hinton St. George, when she was eight years old, this sampler features two large flying cherubs above the Lord's Prayer, which is flanked by pillars covered with twining ivy, two large potted trees.

Hanna Katerina

This is a very finely stitched German sampler beginning with a single row of alphabets above an immensely intricate collection of symbolic cross stitched motifs.

Grace Kemish

This English sampler features a four sided honeysuckle border with one row of alphabet across the top, followed by a traditional verse.

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