Gallery of Antique Samplers
Sold by the Scarlet Letter

Listed below are antique samplers which have been previously sold by the Scarlet Letter. Although these antiques are no longer available for purchase, some of them have been reproduced. Please click on the name or photo of the antique to see more information about it including a link to the reproduction kit if one is available.

Antiques are in alphabetic order by the title or last name of the stitcher. To search the titles for a word or phrase, type it in the box below and click the search button. For example, type ann to find all antiques with the name ann in the title. Type a to find all stitcher's last names or titles starting with the letter A.

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Grace Kemish

This English sampler features a four sided honeysuckle border with one row of alphabet across the top, followed by a traditional verse.

Agnes Brown-Kinghorn

A Scottish sampler commencing with an arcaded stylized pansy border across the top above Adam and Eve (nicely labeled as such), flanked by paired birds, peacocks, flowers in vases, a crowned thistle, Solomon's Temple, and floral motifs reminiscent of early 18th century samplers.

Lake Family Record Sampler

Featuring a beautiful and richly colored four sided honeysuckle border, this New York sampler commemorates the marriage of the parents Isaac Lake and Margaret Robins in 1824, and the birth of six children.

Ester Lane
18th Century English Samplers
It is very unusual to find such an early family record sampler made in England. This sampler chronicles the marriage of her parents followed by the births of her four sisters and five brothers.

Margret Lawrance 1823

This Scottish sampler is stitched with brightly colored silk and wool floss on linen, featuring numerous stylized alphabets and family initials. There are three rows of beautiful illuminated letters characteristic of Scottish samplers. In the lower reserve is a peacock with seven tail feather (also typical of Scottish samplers), a small house, flowers, a rooster, a tulip, flower baskets, hearts and a small female figures.

Mary Levermore 1817

MARY LEVERMORE 1817 English pictorial sampler featuring Adam and Eve at the center surrounded by birds, squirrels, lions and cherubs, with tweo short verses.

LM:AM dated 1829

This sampler is either English or Continental, and is stitched with brilliantly colored silk on extremely fine linen and bordered with rose colored silk ribbon.

Two Mexican Samplers

Two Mexican samplers, both late 19th century (circa 1876), in very good condition, but quite coarse.

Helen Miller

This Scottish sampler dated 1821 has a very interesting verse referencing the unification of England, Ireland, and Scotlan.

Elizabeth Mitchel

This quintessential Scottish sampler is stitched with fine silks on linen with an industrious use of stitches including queen, petit point, back, cross, counted satin, stem and turkeywork.

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