The Scarlet Letter's Antique Sampler Wall Calendars

Scarlet Letter Wall Calendar Scarlet Letter Wall Calendar Scarlet Letter Wall Calendar

The calendars may be out of date but the enormous full color photos are not. In these calendars you can large professionally photographed pictures of many of the original samplers that The Scarlet Letter has reproduced. They include Ann Parnell, Ann Wallace, Frances Jones, Harriot Brouard, Ann Johnson, JCS 1707, Betcy Tucker, Mary Lawson, Ann Scutt (she's a centerfold!), Hannah Albertson, Selura Aldrich, Ann Stott, Betsy Manchester, Mary Ogleed, Sarah Willson, Mercy Field, Rising Doves, Mary Ann Michell, and Elizabeth Topham.

Three years are available: 1995, 2000 and 2002. Buy one or all three!

Price: $4.00 each, All 3 for $10.00