Customer Sampler Gallery

Here are some letters The Scarlet Letter has received from its customers along with photographs of their finished samplers.

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Hannah Carter Circa 1748


Attached is the finished sampler of Hannah Carter. Thank you for all your support during this 5 year project. Looking onsite to pick the next one.

Take care,

Bonnie Chamberlain, Windham , VT

Elizabeth Eyles 1799

Im thrilled to say that I have finished this lovely reproduction sampler, Elizabeth Eyles 1799. It is stitched on 14 ct aida fabric using required DMC threads. My favourite part was stitching all those delightful encircling cherubs. Thank you for this opportunity to stitch her.

Jill Lyons

Man, Dogs and Deer

Just thought I would share a picture of MDD in her spot in the house. It is right at the top of our stairs (to the right is our bedroom). I had another piece there for the last 7 years but moved that to our bedroom and now MDD is in her place. It looks so great with the frame!

Nathan Burt

Hanna Katerina

Recently I stitched your German sampler Hanna Katerina what a truly wonderful pattern and to say I enjoyed it would be putting it mildly. As I stitched each motif I went in search of the meaning behind each one, the story that unfolded was truly amazing. Your reproduction of this sampler is clear and precise and a joy to follow and stitch. Last week Hanna Katerina journeyed to the Saratoga County Fair where she won a blue ribbon, she enjoyed the trip and it was a honor for me to accept it on her behalf. I continue to constantly go to your site for my patterns and "eye" candy. Thank you for your dedication and talent in providing these wonderful histories and patterns.

Sincerly yours,

Eleanor Parr

That I just finished. I am proud of my work. So I thought you might like to see it.


Wall of Samplers by MaryWall of Samplers

Wall of Samplers and more

Hi Marsha,
Sending my wall of Samplers and two others that I have hung in the guest bedroom. I love them all. ... so great that I discovered The Scarlet Letter and your patterns!!!


Emily Jane Brooks

Here's Emily surrounded by just a few of my SL samplers. Hopefully you can see how beautiful she is in spite of the glare.


Amy Ball

After many months since mid 2014, I have at last finished my Amy Ball 1810 Scarlet Letter reproduction sampler. It has now been framed. I am delighted with it as it is such a beautiful sampler. Please thank Marsha for all her work in reproducing it.

I would be thrilled if you could include it in your Scarlet letter gallery. Here are the details:

Title: Amy Ball
Stitched by: Jill Lyons
Fabric: 18 count cream Aida cloth
Threads: DMC
Finished: 17 June 2015

Thank you.

Jill Lyons
Sydney, Australia

A Parrot, A Leopard, A Lion


My sampler just came back from the framing shop, and here are the photos I promised you. I love this little piece. Thanks for the beautiful kit,


Mary Ann Macdonald

Dear Marsha,

As I promised, here is my framed and finished Mary. I added the needle and thread you mention finding in the original. I don't know if it shows up in the full photo, so I have sent a close up of the area in which I placed it.

I hope you enjoy the holiday season. I am sure with the Christmas holiday, you are quite busy filling orders. I know every one is looking forward to another year of Scarlet Letter. I can't wait to see what the New Year brings in your reproductions.




Well here she is. I had separation anxiety when she was off at the framers but the results were great. I love her.

Donna Demers

Sun and Moon and German Sampler by AED

Vickie Bullis contributed "Sun and Moon" and the German sampler by AED.

Stumpwork Sampler by Barbara Stumpwork Picture
(out of print) Lydia Hart by Barbara Lydia Hart

Lydia Hart and Stumpwork Picture

Barbara Grantmyre completed Lydia Hart and the center part of The Stumpwork Picture.

TSL Samplers

Hi Marsha,

I thought that you might like to add these beautiful samplers to your Gallery. I like samplers that challenge my abilities and have found that you have some beautiful ones in your collection which fill this need.

I love all of my samplers, but I think that my favourite is Rebecca Cullin. She is such a beautiful girl and I enjoy looking at her every time I walk past her.

Sandra Moffitt,

Ann Smith

I wanted to send you a picture of my Ann Smith which I just had framed. I have to say that it has to be my favorite sampler so far, not only as far as a Scarlet Letter piece, but of any of the samplers that I have done. It was a wonderful piece to work on - yes, even with the over one section - and the colors are just beautiful.

Thank you for reproducing such a beautiful sampler.

Debbie Roman
Rochester Hills, Michigan

Miniature English Sampler


I recently completed the Miniature Sampler, a TSL from 1986. Of course it was easy, but I am completely charmed by unsophisticated girlhood samplers. I had a blast doing this and am thrilled with the framing. I truly enjoyed the one-over-one on 25 count.


Marie Abbott

By Ilana Kaye

Dorothy Walpole

Good Afternoon Marsha,
I thought I would send you a picture of my completed Dorothy. I loved stitching her. I loved the variety of stitches in the pattern. When I took her to be framed, my framer who also stitches showed her to a lot of people who loved her too. I think the frame really sets her off nicely. Now on to the many other SL patterns!

Michele Barton
Dansville, MI

Completed TSL Pieces!

Hi, Marsha,
I love your new website format and spent some time browsing this morning. I hope to have more time to browse more and shop again. I like the new customer stitching feature. Attached are some TSL pieces I've completed, with more to do in my stash.

1. M.A. Tipper sampler reproduction.
A Bristol, England orphanage sampler. It took me five years to complete (in "rotation" with other projects), but every stitch was fun. Originally on 50 count fabric, I did it on 28 (I wanted to enjoy it), so it's huge. It is hem-stitched by hand, thanks to my dear friend Norma who taught me how to do it. 2008.

2. Ann Carter Sampler-Lancaster & Madison, Wisconsin 1820s or 1830s
This sampler was lovingly stitched for our neighbors and very close friends, who come from Madison, Wisconsin. Finding this piece in my collection was one of those great meant-to-be moments. 2011.

3. The Gardner Pocketbook 1755 reproduction.
I did the stitching. The density of the design a real challenge on 36 count fabric. Wisely, I hired a professional finisher to make the purse. 2004.


Piping Shepherd

Dear Marsha,
Here is the finished and framed Piping Shepherd sampler. The finished size on 25 count is 21" x 16". It did take extra threads for the 25 count but Marsha was quick to send the requests for shortages in the mail. I worked on the piece for two years some days more then others but I loved that the finish piece looks like a tapestry!

Would love it posted to online gallery.

Bonnie Chamberlain

Judeth Payne
American Quaker

by Donna Demers

Mary Hurst

Dear Marsha,
The sampler Mary Hurst was easy and varied to embroider. I have enjoyed it!

Greetings from Germany.

Sigrid Eckel

Winter Wall of Samplers by Pat Clements

Hi Marsha,
Thought I would send an updated picture since I have added several samplers. I call this my "Winter Wall of Samplers" as I do most of my cross stitching when it's cold out.

I am really enjoying seeing all of the other samplers & knowing that I am not alone in my wonderful addiction of sewing those little x's! I especially enjoyed working on "WCEG" with all of the beautiful letters!

Pat Clements


By Ilana Kaye

Joyce Leedes

by Ilana Kaye

Mary Ann Healey

by Ilana Kaye

JCS 1707

by Ilana Kaye

Mary Hurst

by Ilana Kaye

Ann Lawle

by Ilana Kaye

Sun and Moon

Hi Marsha -
I finally had Sun and Moon framed and wanted to send it to you for your Gallery. I had so much fun with this sampler. I chose a rather simple frame for the piece as it wasn't a large sampler and I think that it worked out well.

I look forward to stitching many more Scarlett Letter samplers in the future (in fact, there are two or three in the WIP pile as I write this).

Thanks again for the wonderful samplers!!!

Debbie Roman

Ann Medd

Dear Marsha -
I was just looking around on your website and saw that you would like to have pictures of finished Scarlett Letter samplers so I thought that I would send a picture of Ann Medd to you.

I so enjoyed working on Ann, although she took me almost five years to finish. The description of "Mother of All Samplers" definitely fit. While I stitched the sampler, I broke it into sections as the sampler seems to be made up of five different samplers. I work a section and then set it down for a while. It is an ambitious project, but you can only imagine my excitement when I finished it. Even my husband, who isn't a sampler person at all, was quite impressed.

The only change I really made to the sampler was the zig-zag border between the verse and the center portion. As I work on a scroll rod and it is rather difficult to turn it to lay the floss for that border, I substituted perle cotton in the same color and it worked like a dream - giving it a little bit of texture.

Thank you Marsha for providing these charts to us. You have made a lot of sampler lovers very, very happy. I always look forward to your new releases.

Debbie Roman
Rochester Hills, Michigan

Samplers by Karen

Dear Marsha,
Hi Marsha.. was just on your site and saw that you are looking for pics for your gallery... I am able to help if you are interested... last year I finished both Jane Rees and Jane Atkinson... I have attached both of them for you and the last several are both pieces up on the wall.. Feel free to use whichever ones you want. And thank you so much for charting these wonderful pieces.. they were a joy to stitch... If you need any more information please feel free to contact me.

Karen Bugg
Myerstown, Pa

Hi again... found another one for you .... Ann Grimshaw and the second photo is her up on the wall among her many friends :))) I guess you would say I am addicted to samplers.. LOL.... hope these help your gallery.. It is great when others can see these charts really do get stitched and not just collected


Lydia Hart

Dear Marsha,
I love your webside and your reproduced samplers are wonderful!
I stitched the Lydia Hart sampler and want to sent a photo for your customer gallery.
Greetings from germany!

Sigrid Eckel

Personalized Quaker Samplers

I recall reading that the Scarlet Letter was interested in knowing how stitchers personalized samplers. I enjoy stitching reproduction samplers,and was introduced to this in 2003 when I had broken my ankle and needed something to do that was meaningful. I had done cross stitch on aida but never stitched on linen. The dear friend who introduced me stitches her reproductions samplers exactly as printed, changing only the name of the stitcher. I've not been so faithful. I will attach a couple examples.

Quaker by DewbThe first change I ever made was when, while stitching, I rec'd a call that my brother had been hospitalized with a heart attack. In the all black thread sampler, I stopped and stitched one red X instead of a black. On the next sampler i stitched "Jonathan's 25th" on my son's birthday. Things sort of grew from there. While stitching I frequently incorporate the name of a child or sibling on his or her birthday; a graduation, anniversary, engagement, death, a national or international event, such as tsunami or earthquake, the naming of a new pope, a mine disaster, a deadly hurricane. The framers have frequently commented - in an enthusiastic manner- about these small changes.

Quaker by DewbIn one of the photos I sent, there are waves in the upper right quadrant. that was the time of the christmas 2004 tsunami. I have had carpal tunnel surgery in both hands and now am having problems with my thumbs so my stitching has slowed some.

Thanks for your affirmation.

I simply love your site, and so enjoy working your samplers.....the Quaker are my favorite.

Deb McCann
Newark, DE

Betsy Davis and Rebecca Robinson

Congratulations for your knew website, very clear and very easy to explore. I here send you photos of my two samplers made from your collection. I am very sad because I cannot do embroiderie for a certain time because I have a serious problem in my right arm, I just hope that doctors put me fine quickly because I really miss my linen and threads that ae part of my life. I am thinking f doing a site to showll my works and if I do it I will send you a message. Best regards from Portugal.



I just saw on your web site that you would like photos of work done by your customers, and thought that you would be interested in 'Coraggio' that I did a few years ago. I did it in silk, and it has received many comments. It was displayed at the Albuquerque Internationl Airport for several months, although I don't enter work in competions. I absolutely loved working on it, and would love to make anything else of equal challenge. Thank you so much for the beautiful design.

Janice Gail
Placitas, New Mexico

Emilly Lucille

Last year I worked the Scarlet Letter's EMILY LUCILLE sampler. Three changes that I made to it:

  1. I used my initials rather than the original
  2. It called for filling the entire background with the white silk. But in my growing collection of sampler source books I had seen another variation on this Emily Lucille sampler and the background was not filled in. It showed the design better, in my estimation. Emily Lucille must have gone to an 18th century embroidery where this was one of the standard designs.
  3. The biggest change was to the verse. I didn't like the original, and so I found the 18th Century poet Lord Byron and worked his poem into the design.

Ken Sale
A many years eager customer of the Scarlet Letter

Unicorn Bell Pull and MD The Unicorn Sampler

Dear Scarlett Letter,

Please find attached a picture of the finished Unicorn Bell Pull stitched on canvas with DMC floss. Thanks for your advice about finishing the bell pull which was very helpful. I did change one colour I changed DMC 371 to 372 - to getter better contrast on the birds and animals with brown shading. Really enjoyed this project and get lots of lovely compliments from guests about the colour palette and the design.

Also attached is a mirror image pattern I created and completed in cutwork from the MD 1660 Unicorn Sampler pattern. I have also completed this pattern too.

Kind regards, Jude West
Lower Hutt, New Zealand

The Huntsman and The Hart Lives

Stitched by Pat

Hannah Breed

Stitched by Pat

Scarlet Letter Catalog

Dear Marsha,

Last night over a glass of wine, a friend asked me if I believe in fate. Fate, yes, I answered. Pre-destiny, no. I mention this rather weighty conversation because when I sorely need a diversion from the tedium of life, a Scarlet Letter supplement arrives. Whatever the reason, No. 27 was in my mail box at the end of a long day. I made the time to revel in its color, the descriptions and the type I do each time a supplement arrives. My desks are cluttered with "to do" piles, and unread letters & literature; but somehow I always manage to find time for the Scarlet Letter.

I honestly do believe that despite all the newcomers on the scene, and museum catalogs, seminars & the like, you have done more to inculcate a love and understanding of samplers than any other person in the industry (if you can call it that). In any event, I appreciate your work enough to grab my fountain pen and real paper, and tell you so. All too frequently simple "thank yous" are left unspoken. Not this time. It's time for this sentimental slob to get on with her day.