About Ordering from The Scarlet Letter

You can order online, by mail or by phone. International orders are always welcome!


You can place your order online with credit card information, by using the Add to Shopping Cart buttons. This system is secure and you can be assured that we will only use your information to fill your order. The Scarlet Letter will never sell or give your information to anyone else! Some browsers may give you a message about "leaving a secure site" as you go back to add more items to your shopping cart. This is because the shopping cart (and all information that you enter) exists on a SECURE site, but the general information that you are viewing about the product does not reside on the same site. Please note that a View Cart Button appears on each page - you can check or change the contents of your online shopping cart at any time before submitting your order.

Payment can also be made using PAYPAL.

Order by Mail

To order by mail, print the order form below, fill it out and mail it to us. The correct address is shown on the form.

Order by Phone

Call us at 262-593-8470 and make your order by phone.