Shopping Cart Problems

For most of our customers, the shopping cart works as it should. If you are experiencing problems with the cart, we apologize. Usually the problem is that the settings in your computer are blocking some function of the shopping cart. Below are some suggestions for you to try.

Your computer's browser may be blocking the shopping cart from collecting cookies. Cookies are the data that the cart needs to remember the previous page so that it knows where to send the customer when they click on the "Continue Shopping" button.

There are two possible causes - one is a setting in the browser itself. Your browser security settings may be set too high, which is blocking the shopping cart from collecting the information that it needs.

It could also be caused by an antivirus software on your computer. Some antivirus software programs have a feature that blocks "web page redirection" and if that setting is enabled it will prevent the shopping cart from redirecting you back to the previous page.

Easy workaround: In most browsers, there is a small arrow or triangle next to the browser's Back button, and if you click on that small arrow, it will show you a list of the previous pages. If a you are having problems with the cart, and are not willing to lower or alter your security settings, you can always find the previous page using that small arrow next to the Back button to return to a previous page.

You may also:

  • Call your order information in to us at 262-593-8470
  • Print out an order form and mail or fax your order to us (address and fax number are on the form).