Hannah Bennett

Hannah Bennett, born 1800, was the youngest daughter of David and Martha Smith Bennett of Hubbardston, a small town in central Massachusetts. According to the History of the Town of Hubbardston (1881) Hannah never married, but was known for her missionary work among the Choctaws. Her unusual sampler has some unconventional components, particularly the squares of darning stitches across the bottom, and the amusing little scene in the lower left showing three intrepid canoeists paddling down a treacherously steep river.

Origin and date: American 1810
Rated: Intermediate
Linen count and finished size: 30-count 18-1/2"x11-3/4"
Stitches: Cross, counted and freehand satin (freehand optional: graphs are supplied for all sections), long arm cross, Irish, stem, split, straight, twill, and double darning
Source: Old Sturbridge Village

Kit with cotton floss: $50.00
Kit with silk floss: $92.00
Graph only: $13.00
Finished Model: $750.00