Ann Brockbank

A sophisticated painterly use of perspective distinguishes this pictorial English sampler. An idealized rural scene with a thatched cottage nestled in a fertile valley, with white misted hills rising in the distance, also features a windmill, a flock of sheep, haystacks, ducks in a pond, and two female farm workers, one carrying a basket, the other a rake. Stitches used are cross and bullion (the latter for the sheep). A honeysuckle border surrounds the scene. The colors on the front of the original sampler are as crisp as those used in our reproduction.

Linen: 35-count, Hand-Dyed
Finished Size: 10 1/4"x13 1/2"
Rated: Intermediate

Kit with cotton floss: $44.00
Kit with silk floss: $88.00
Graph only: $8.00
Finished Model: $550.00