Margery Dean

A solidly infilled tapestry-like sampler, this mid 18th century English design features a symmetrical, four-sided, meandering honeysuckle border centering two cartouches: one with a short aphorism (Be not weary in well doing) and the attribution and date. Once the design has been completed, the entire background is filled in with cross stitch, using cream colored embroidery floss.

Origin and date: 18th Century English
Rated: Beginning/Intermediate
Linen count and finished size: 35 count, 11-1/4"x12-3/4"
Stitches: Only cross stitch, and a tiny amount of eyelet

Kit with cotton floss: $45.00
Kit with silk floss: $105.00
Graph only: $12.00
Finished Model: $850.00