Jean Eastland

Two centuries of samplermaking styles converge in this early 18th century English band sampler. It exhibits the narrow arcaded floral pattern bands of the 17th century alongside the growing fashion for extensive verse and alphabets of the 18th century. The extant color is still quite brilliant: soft, true pastel silks, barely faded, against an unbleached linen ground. The rambling verse paraphrases the Ten Commandments. Stitches include cross, eyelet, counted thread satin, back, double running, stem filling, French knots and buttonhole- another carryover from the previous century. As time went on, a lesser variety of stitches were used on samplers until, later in the 19th century, one sees only cross stitch used. On 35 count linen the finished sampler will measure approximately 11-3/4" x 21-1/4".

Kit with cotton floss: $49.00
Kit with silk floss: $80.00
Finished Model: $400.00