EN 1657 A 17th century short band sampler


Band samplers of the 17th century exhibit the widest range of stitches and techniques. Counted thread stitches on linen were artfully combined with panels of floral, geometric, or figural cut and drawn work- a technique where the background threads of linen are carefully bound, then cut and pulled away to reveal the desired pattern. Cut/drawn work was used to create the popular lace ruffs, collars, cuffs and handkerchiefs, popular in 17th century England. Of unusual diminutive size for a complete 17th century band sampler, this piece still exhibits many traditional patterns, including arcaded floral bands, as well as a cutwork vignette in the lower right. Stitches used are Montenegrin and traditional cross, stem, tent, chain, detached and regular buttonhole, double running, and satin, all clearly diagrammed in the instructions. On 35 count linen, which is very similar to the original, the finished piece will measure approximately 8" x 15-1/2". This sampler is recommended for more advanced (or ambitious) needle workers.

Kit with cotton floss: $45.00
Kit with silk floss: $78.00
Graph only: $10.00
Finished Model: $850.00