FAK MEK 1779


From the German Sampler Museum in Celle, Germany.
This northern German sampler consists of random symbolic spot motifs, with a simple zigzag border. Religious symbols are commonly found on continental samplers. On this example, we find the wreath carried by angels (the wreath as a symbol for eternal life): the ship (symbolic of hope and the soul's journey): the urn full of pink carnations (said to have grown up from the ground where each of Mary's tears fell along Christ's path to Calvary): two cocks (symbols of Christ, conqueror of darkness): the church and rectory on the hill: various chasubles and chalices: Solomon's Temple: and a basket of fruit (symbol of fertility). Other lone motifs include a candle, crowns, dogs, and a key (symbols of faith), a deer (symbolizing the soul's longing for Christ): an owl (wisdom), a lion (strength), a butterfly (immortality), a windmill, and lambs. The sampler is worked in cross, four-sided, eyelet, and straight stitches.

Origin and date: Northern Germany, 1779
Rated: Beginning
Linen count/finished size: 30 count, 15"x14-1/2"
Stitches: Cross, four-sided, eyelet, straight
Source: The German Sampler Museum

Kit with cotton floss: $52.00
Kit with silk floss: $97.00
Graph only: $10.00
Finished Model: $475.00