GRAZING SHEEP An English sampler of circa 1810

Grazing Sheep

This finely worked sampler features pastoral scenes above and below a lovely verse about friendship. A four-sided honeysuckle border surrounds large baskets of fruits and flowers, a fenced pasture with seven large lazy sheep and an architectural folly in the background. Each corner has a gold eight-pointed star, executed in back and counted satin stitches. The verse surrounded by a sawtooth counted satin stitch border, is as follows:

Deliberate on all things with thy Friend.
But since Friends grow not thick on every bough,
Nor every Friend unrotten at the Core
First, on thy Friend: deliberate with thyself.
Pause, ponder, sift, not eager in the choice
Nor jealous of the chosen: fixing, fix:
Judge before Friendship, then confide till death.

Stitches used to execute this sampler are cross (over one and two threads of linen), counted satin, and bullion (for the sheep).

Linen: 35 count
Rated: Intermediate
Finished size: 14"x20"

Kit with cotton floss: $94.00
Kit with silk floss: $177.00
Graph only: $18.00