Jane Howell

This finely stitched sampler has a multifloral border centering an alphabet and numerals in an unusual pyramidal configuration, a verse, and a scene executed in petit point, featuring a cozy cottage flanked by trees and oversized blossoms. The verse was written by the anonymous woman, named "Mrs. Mary Masters" in 1755:

Tis religion that can give
Sweetest Pleasures while we live
Tis religion must supply
Solid comfort when we die
After death its joys will be
Lasting as eternity
Be the living god my friend
Then my bliss will never end

The format of the sampler is unusual: symmetrical in come ways, with flights of needle fancy. Stitches used are cross, tent/cross over one thread of linen, and counted satin. The original sampler measures 13" x 16-1/2". On 35 count linen the reproduction sampler will measure approximately 13-1/2" x 16". The project is recommended for an intermediate skill level.

Thanks to Sigrid Eckel for stitching the model on 40 count linen with silk floss.

Kit with cotton floss: $107.00
Kit with silk floss: $170.00
Graph only: $26.00