Susanna Lane

Susanna's sampler exhibits many characteristics typical of eastern Massachusetts samplers of the last quarter of the 18th century, including the geometric trellis-like border, the sawtooth satin stitch inner border, and the distinctive shape of the central flowerpot. Created at the high point of the American Revolution, the original sampler was worked on homespun unbleached flax linen, as finer, imported fabrics were either impossible to find then, or were so heavily taxed as to be beyond the financial means of most colonists.

Origin and date: Eastern Massachusetts, 1776
Rated: Intermediate
Linen count and finished size: 25 count, 16"x16-3/4"
Stitches: Cross, back, eyelet, herringbone, satin
Source: Chicago Historical Society

Kit with cotton floss: $50.00
Kit with silk floss: $94.00
Graph only: $10.00