Lucretia Maus

From the genealogical information supplied by the owner of this sampler, we assume that it was made in Connecticut, although stylistically it is difficult to determine its exact origin, apart from New England. A four-sided border of cross and queen-stitched strawberries surrounds a rather chaotic inner register mixing alphabets, spot motifs, and a house with a cloud bank, sun/moon and stars in it. Some beading was used which was on the original sampler. Turquoise glass beads are supplied with the kit.

Origin and date: New England, 1832
Rated: Intermediate
Linen count/finished size: 25 count, 16-3/4"x15-3/4"
Stitches: Cross, four-sided, eyelet, rice, queen, herringbone, back, chain, lazy daisy, beading
Source: Private collection

Kit with cotton floss: $55.00
Kit with silk floss: $126.00
Graph only: $12.00
Finished Model: $795.00