Rosa A 17th Century Canvaswork Vignette

Reproduction Sampler Rosa

From pagan symbol for love to complex metaphor for Christian virtues, the rose appears again and again in legend and art throughout history. Roses blooming in mid-winter, roses without thorns springing from the graves of lovers, its spectral fragrance scenting the air in the chill of autumn, the Virgin Mary as a rose, the five-petalled rosa mystica of medieval ascetics: it blossoms in many different forms, its symbolism as varied as the culture that interprets it. The rose has also been a popular needlework motif, symbolically, politically (e.g. the Tudor rose), and aesthetically. This design was derived from an early 17th century "slip" (i.e. a motif worked by itself, meant to be cut out and applied to a larger piece), based on illustrations in early 16th century herbals. These designs were generally drawn onto the linen canvas then outlined in black cross stitch. Our design, worked on a 30 count linen, employs cross stitch over one thread of linen (petit point). The finished piece will measure approximately 3-1/2 inches square.

Kit with silk floss: $35.00
Graph only: $5.00