Sarah Selfe

This early example from the Ackworth School (now in a private collection) was made by Sarah Selfe of Alton, Hampshire, daughter of Jacob and Mary Selfe. Born in 1773, she was a pupil at the Ackworth Quaker School in Yorkshire, England, from 1783 until 1787.
The simple Quaker designs are reflective of their theology and philosophy, extolling the virtues of plainness, of standing apart from the sphere of influence of the outside world, and of peace and serenity. Emphasis at the school was placed on instruction in practical embroidery, as well as fine penmanship, evident in the distinctive, clear, Roman style of lettering on samplers such as Sarah's.
The only stitch required to execute the sampler is cross stitch.

Linen: 50 count
Finished size: 17-3/4"x14"
Rated: Beginning 

Kit with cotton floss: $42.00
Kit with silk floss: $60.00
Graph only: $10.00
Finished Model: $450.00