Eliza Shipton Reproduction Sampler Eliza Shipton Original Sampler

This sweet sampler was stitched in England by a eleven year old girl, whose naiveté is evident in the simple format. The border consists of lollipop-shaped generic posies, surrounding large alphabetic tests worked in rice stitch, and a solidly stitched pastoral scene in the lower third, with the small figures of a man and a woman on the lawn in front of a country cottage. Stitched with a palette of 18 different colors, the sampler requires only cross and rice stitches to complete.

Origin and date:  England 1807
Rated: Beginning
Linen: 35 Count
Finished size: 13-1/2"x18"
Stitches: Cross, rice. The sampler uses 18 different colors of floss.
Source: Collection of The Scarlet Letter

Kit with cotton floss: $59.00
Kit with silk floss: $117.00
Graph only: $10.00
Finished Model: $850.00