Maria Theresa Wilkinson

This English sampler was sewn by a nine year old girl. It was stitched on a very finely woven linen (approximately fifty threads to the inch) with silk flosses. The intricacy of her work, as well as the beautifully balanced composition, result in a pleasingly symmetrical sampler with many unique elements of design, including "The Alpha Cottage," the lovely verse, and the unusual star cartouche at the bottom. The verse is:

Labour after such things, as are more for use,
than for ornament, and with
The Bee, rather endeavour to gather honey,
than like the silly Butterfly to paint thy wings.

Note: Photos are of the original antique

Origin and date: England 1825
Linen count: 40 count
Rated: Intermediate
Stitches: Cross, eyelet, and counted satin
Finished size: 21-1/2" x 16-3/4"

Kit with cotton floss: $89.00
Kit with silk floss: $169.00
Graph only: $15.00