Sarah Williams

This Boston area sampler has as its most recognizable feature a vertical, hexagonal pattern band in its top third known as the BOSTON BAND. Similar samplers were executed in the Boston area during this period (see, for example, figure 2 in Samplers and Samplermakers by Mary Jaene Edmonds) suggesting the existence of a school or teacher who encouraged her pupils to use this same verse, the BOSTON BAND, the maple leaf motif, and the same scene across the bottom of their samplers. Without a border, this piece is reminiscent of English band samplers.

Origin and date: Boston, 1761
Rated: Intermediate
Linen count and finished size: 35 or 40 count, 15-1/2"x20" or 13-1/2"x17-1/2" (please specify your choice)
Stitches: Satin, cross, herringbone, eyelet, French knot, stem, straight, double running
Source: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Kit with cotton floss: $72.00
Kit with silk floss: $125.00
Graph only: $15.00