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The Scarlet Letter produces reproductions of the world's finest samplers, found in museums and private collections. Exquisite materials are assembled to recreate these masterpieces of needlework, and kits are complete with detailed instructions and stitch diagrams, enabling the modern needleworker to reproduce these pieces exactly as they were originally made in centuries past.
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Our Scarlet Letter Years

Our Scarlet Letter Years is a place for samplers lovers to meet, chat, share their stitching and samplers, support each other and appreciate the reproductions and original designs of Marsha Parker.


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Visit our customer gallery to read some of the letters and emails we have received along with photos of finished samplers stitched by our customers. In our awards gallery, you'll see Scarlet Letter Samplers that have won blue ribbons and other awards.


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Martha Allis - Reproduction Sampler

Martha Allis

On the 16th of June 1755 Martha Allis, daughter of Quakers John and Anna was born in Shad Thames in the Parish of St. John's in Southwark. Martha Allis stitched this sampler in 1770 when she was 15 years old. Please see the sampler description to learn more about Martha and her family.
Updated May 12, 2015

Katharine Mitchel circa 1785 - Reproduction Sampler

Katharine Mitchel

Katharine Mitchel, a Scottish sampler is a riot of brilliant color and intricate motifs, from the Scotsman in his kilt playing a traditional dulcimer (which looks like a butter churn) in the upper left, to an elaborate mansion house fronted by a three dimensional turkeywork lawn in the lower right.
Updated April 13, 2015

TSL Newsletter

TSL Newsletter

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Updated April 15, 2015

Here Be Drolleries and other Books from Arelate Studio

Here be Drolleries

The book "Here Be Drolleries" is no longer available from The Scarlet Letter in hard copy format, but you can order it in PDF format directly from Arelate Studio. Contact Nancy Spies at snspies@aol.com to purchase any of the Arelate Studio books.
Updated May 2, 2015

Ann Short - Reproduction Sampler

Ann Short

Ann Short is a traditional Scottish sampler designed by The Scarlet Letter. It is composed of many traditional Scottish needlework motifs arranged in a classic late eighteenth century format employing characteristic colors and stitches.
Updated March 19, 2015

Dorothy Ashton - Reproduction Sampler Graph

Dorothy Ashton

A graph for Dorothy Ashton's sampler of 1764 can now be purchased for $10.00. Her sampler shows characteristics of a group of samplers made in the vicinity of Salem, Massachusetts.
Updated March 18, 2015

Betcy Tucker - Reproduction Sampler Instructions

Betcy Tucker

Instructions and drawings for Betcy Tucker can now be purchased for $10.00 each. The Betcy Tucker stamped reproduction sampler kit is no longer available.
Updated February 25, 2015

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden Antique Sampler

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is a rare needlework picture, circa 1800, that depicts Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, surrounded by animals, birds, butterflies and flying cherubs.
Updated February 9, 2015

Eleanor Parr - Antique Sampler

Eleanor Parr

The original Eleanor Parr antique sampler is available for sale. Her sampler is executed with wool threads on linen in cross, petit point and stem stitches and is in very good condition.
Updated October 29, 2014

Barbara Hendarson - Antique Sampler

Barbara Hendarson

Another wonderful Scottish "mansion house" sampler, Barbara Hendarson's sampler begins with a beautiful stem and satin stitched freehand vine and ribbon upper border above a verse.
Updated October 29, 2014

The Four Angels Mourning Sampler - Reproduction Sampler

The Four Angels Mourning Sampler

Mourning pictures were not an uncommon art form in England and America during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Evolving from European commemorative art honoring deceased heroes, mourning pictures were a cherished way to remember loved ones, designed to hang in the most important public rooms of the house. The Four Angels Mourning Sampler has been left blank at the lower center in order to allow the needle worker to design his/her own memorial for their loved one who has passed. Available now.
Updated October 29, 2014

Eleanor Parr - Reproduction Sampler

Eleanor Parr

Eleanor Parr created this amazing and unique sampler some time before 1835. Her extraordinary sampler, employing only cross stitch, petit point and stem filling stitches, is a magnificent testimony to what the simplest stitches can accomplish given creativity, motivation and of course access to some very good materials. Available now.
Updated October 29, 2014

Chimneypiece - Reproduction Sampler


The last Chimneypiece kit has been sold. The only thing I have left is instructions and sampler drawings. I'm offering those for $5.00 each and quantity is limited. The drawing of the sampler is done by hand and is not a complete graph of the sampler.
Updated September 13, 2014

Our Scarlet Letter Years Blog and Gallery

In 2013 over 230 stitchers took up the challenge to stitch a Scarlet Letter sampler.

Between us we have managed 160 finishes stitched by people all around the world from experienced stitchers with walls full of Scarlet Letter samplers to the newbies who finished their first piece just for this challenge.

Originally the blog was set up just for the year but as so many would like to continue with the group we are carrying on and will now be known as "Our Scarlet Letter Years". It is a place for samplers lovers to meet, chat, share our stitching and samplers, support each other and appreciate the reproductions and original designs of Marsha Parker.

More about Our Scarlet Letter Years

Updated March 7, 2014

Gallery Updates

We have updated our customer gallery with a picture of Coraggio stitched by Donna Demers.
June 9, 2014

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