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The Scarlet Letter produces reproductions of the world's finest samplers, found in museums and private collections. Exquisite materials are assembled to recreate these masterpieces of needlework, and kits are complete with detailed instructions and stitch diagrams, enabling the modern needleworker to reproduce these pieces exactly as they were originally made in centuries past.
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Our Scarlet Letter Years

Our Scarlet Letter Years is a place for samplers lovers to meet, chat, share their stitching and samplers, support each other and appreciate the reproductions and original designs of Marsha Parker.


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Visit our customer gallery to read some of the letters and emails we have received along with photos of finished samplers stitched by our customers. In our awards gallery, you'll see Scarlet Letter Samplers that have won blue ribbons and other awards.


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Amelia Boyce - Re-Released!

Amelia Boyce

Amelia Boyce, a pictorial sampler demonstrating two popular art forms of the early 19th century, has been re-released
Updated January 19, 2016

A Scottish Sampler Cira 1800 - Re-Released!

A Scottish Sampler circa 1800

A Scottish Sampler circa 1800 which features a red mansion house has been re-released. This sampler was formerly called "The Red House Sampler".
Updated January 19, 2016


Ann Grimshaw

I have some out of date calendars from 1995, 2000 and 2002. The calendars may be out of date but the enormous full color photos are not. The calendars are $4.00 each or all three for $10.00 while supplies last.

Updated January 11, 2016


I have some 45 meter hanks of Au ver a soie, soie d'Alger silk available in a variety of colors, at a reduced price. If you plan to participate in the 2016 Ann Grimshaw SAL and wish to be creative with color, other than stitching the sampler in its original all black scheme, you might like to ponder color combinations from what I have available. The sampler requires 14 mini skeins, or one and one half hanks of silk to complete on 35 or 40 count linen.
Click for more information on available colors and price. .
Updated November 15, 2015

Anne Lawle SAL

Anne Lawle

Nicola Parkman is hosting several new stitch along projects (SALs) in 2016. One of them will be the Anne Lawle sampler. This sampler features a variety of specialty stitches: tent, cross, French knots, double running, stem filling, Montenegrin cross and satin. There will also be some pulled thread work to try. For details on how to join the SAL, please visit the Our Scarlet Letter Years blog.
Updated October 4, 2015

Antique Sampler Gallery

We have created a new section illustrating many of the antique samplers that have passed through The Scarlet Letter over the years, including many that have been reproduced. The new Antique Sampler Gallery includes photos and a description of each antique with a link to the reproduction kit, if one exists. You'll also find a link on the reproduction kit page so you can view the original antique sampler, if the photos are available.. We hope you will enjoy these photos and that they will be valuable for dating samplers.
Updated September 17, 2015

Nancy Nurse - Re-Released!

Nancy Nurse

Nancy Nurse from the Danvers Historical Society, has been re-released including new genealogical information tracing her ancestry back to Rebecca Nurse who was hanged as a witch in Salem in 1692.
Updated September 16, 2015

Fanny Forister - Reproduction Sampler

Fanny Forister

Fanny Forister made this sweet little American sampler which features two little houses above alphabets and a short verse. It is surrounded on four sides by a double sided satin stitched sawtooth border and is dated 1828.
Updated August 31, 2015

Mary Hammand - Reproduction Sampler

Mary Hammand

In the early eighteenth century samplers began to evolve from long vertical bands into more rectangular shapes. They began to incorporate more pictorial and scenic images and scenes such as those found on seventeenth century canvas and stumpwork pictures. Alphabets, numerals and verses prevailed but the sampler evolved both as an exercise in needlework technique as well as a vehicle for creative artistic expression. Common themes were scenes based on biblical stories, but the popularity of bucolic, pastoral scenes increased. Mary Hammand's sampler/canvas work piece melds these themes with a traditional sampler at the center surrounded by pastoral images on either side of it.
Updated August 27, 2015

Chimneypiece - Reproduction Sampler


The last Chimneypiece kit has been sold. The only thing I have left is instructions and sampler drawings. I'm offering those for $10.00 each and quantity is limited. The drawing of the sampler is done by hand and is not a complete graph of the sampler.
Updated September 13, 2014

Gallery Updates

We have updated our customer gallery with a picture of Amy Ball stitched by Jill Lyons.
June 30, 2015

Our Scarlet Letter Years Blog and Gallery

In 2013 over 230 stitchers took up the challenge to stitch a Scarlet Letter sampler.

Between us we have managed 160 finishes stitched by people all around the world from experienced stitchers with walls full of Scarlet Letter samplers to the newbies who finished their first piece just for this challenge.

Originally the blog was set up just for the year but as so many would like to continue with the group we are carrying on and will now be known as "Our Scarlet Letter Years". It is a place for samplers lovers to meet, chat, share our stitching and samplers, support each other and appreciate the reproductions and original designs of Marsha Parker.

More about Our Scarlet Letter Years

Updated March 7, 2014

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