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Book Cover
ARCHITECTURE FROM EARLY SAMPLERS: Historic Patterns for Counted Thread Embroidery
by Marsha Van Valin
Softbound, 100 pages, well illustrated
Price: $26.00
Book Cover
Autopsy of the Montenegrin Stitch: Exhumed
by Amy Mitten
112 pages

Price: $36.00
Book Cover
Classic Needlework: An Historical Guide
by Imogen Stewart
128 pages
Price: $20.00
Book Cover
Common Thread Common Ground
edited by Marsha Van Valin
Softbound, 84 pages
Price: $32.95.
Book Cover
Cross Stitch and Crossed Stitches
by Anne Wanner

Price: $25.00
Book Cover
More Alphabets from Early Samplers
by Marsha Van Valin
Softbound, 50 pages
Price: $19.95
Book Cover
Mountmellick Embroidery
edited by Jules and Kaethe Kliot
Softbound, 98 pages
Price: $18.00
Book Cover
Now Whilst My Hands Are Thus Employed
Witney Antiques
Price: $32.00
Book Cover
Ohio is my Dwelling Place: Schoolgirl Embroideries 1800-1850
by Sue Studebaker
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